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Mon Apr 9 06:43:19 PDT 2007

At YAPC in Toronto, one of the book-donating publishers suggested I get in
touch with the U of T bookstore to see if they wanted to set up a book sales
table.  I did, and the bookstore person asked me how much?  I had nothing to
base it on, so I suggested $750.  A few weeks later they told me they
weren't interested.  I don't know if it was so much the price I suggested
(which I think I also made clear was open to negotiations, though really if
below $500 why would we bother with it?) as it was the nature & size of

If you have a company that is aware of the size & nature of YAPC::NA and
given that approached you to get a table set up, go for it.  I think Jim's
suggestion of offering the same table price as is being offered for the job
fair is a good one.

The thought of "professional wear" for YAPC attendees is a strange one.  Do
they know how we dress?  Perhaps they stock tie-dye XXXL shirts for Uri. :-)


On 4/9/07, Jim Brandt <cbrandt at buffalo.edu> wrote:
> I'm not aware of any precedent with vendor tables. If they seem truly
> determined, how about offering them the same deal as the job fair folks
> and putting them in the same place? Seems this would be the easiest way.
> You'd just want to make it clear to the vendor that this was
> experimental so they don't have unrealistic expectations--we're not
> Gartner. :)
> Jim
> G. Wade Johnson wrote:
> > I have a company asking about setting up vendor space at YAPC::NA.
> >
> > The company sells professional wear, shirts and such, and would like to
> > set up a table in our vendor space.
> >
> > I vaguely remember some conversation about a vendor area, but I appear
> > to be suffering from a brain cramp and can't find it.
> >
> > What has been you guys experience with vendor areas in past conferences?
> >
> > Any suggestions on how to handle this?
> >
> > Should we require a particular donation like for the job fair, or
> > should we ask for a donation of a percentage of sales?
> >
> > I've got zero experience with something like this, so any opinions or
> > experience is welcome.
> >
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