[Yapc-na-organizers] keynote speaker request etiquette

Richard Dice richard.dice at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 09:43:32 PST 2006

> I'm about to try and nail down the keynote speakers and want to know if
> there is any certain etiquette about it.  I'll be contacting Larry (via
> Gloria) and Damian for sure.  I know that Bill is on this list and he did a
> keynote in Chicago, giving an update on TPF.  I'm pretty sure that we'll
> want to do it again for 2007, so Bill, if you have a preference for how
> you'd like to be asked, let me know ;-)
I'd say just email nicely and ask.   I imagine that the people you've
mentioned here wouldn't be too surprised to receive an email asking them for

> Just to give everyone an idea of what some of some of the current todo
> items we're working on include:
>  - Working on arrangements for possible 'Master classes' like
> YAPC::NA::2006
>  - yapc website creation/modification with ACT (A Conference Toolkit)
>  - Sponsorship (contacts, benefits, documents, etc)
>  - "logo" for YAPC::NA::2007
>  - catering menu for snacks and such (research previously suggested
> 'provide snacks ourselves')
>  - Hotel and travel discounts
>  - Compilation of 'social' resources (restaurants, attractions,
> transportation around Houston, etc)
>  - Etc, etc, etc

Thanks for the update!

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