[Yapc-na-organizers] use of Camel

Jeremy Fluhmann jeremy at msc.tamu.edu
Tue Nov 7 08:52:57 PST 2006

Will Willis wrote:

> On this subject, does anyone have any Texas/Houston specific ideas
> that might be fun to incorporate into this year's logo/t-shirt?

I noticed on 'use Perl' some of the comments on the announcement: http://use.perl.org/comments.pl?sid=32799 <http://use.perl.org/comments.pl?sid=32799> 
"Houston, we have a Perl Conference" -- djberg96
"Houston, Perl Base here. The camel has landed." -- Sherm
"One small step for Perl, one giant leap for Perlkind."  -- djberg96

I can see it now, a t-shirt with a picture of a camel wearing a space helmet on the moon, next to a TPF flag....or something.  -- djberg96


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