Wellington Perl Mongers Meeting in 3 Weeks

Jules Anderson jules.anderson at zivo.co.nz
Sun Jun 11 21:59:14 CDT 2000

> Finally, I'd like to leave you with this quote from Larry Rosler
> (another Perl Hacker), bemoaning what he refers to as 'evaporating 
> expectations of software quality' in an interview on www.perl.com
> ( http://www.perl.com/pub/2000/06/rosler.html ):
>    1980's paradigm: If it's worth implementing once, 
>                     it's worth implementing twice.
>    1990's paradigm: Ship the prototype!
>    2000's paradigm: Ship the idea!

Actually, from that article I was more interested in some of his
comments about OO development and Perl (negative, for those who
haven't read it).  I've had some sucess using the UML and Perl in a
very strongly OO style, and while I didn't do any serious performance
testing I felt it behaved very well.  Perhaps more importantly, however,
I ended up writing some of the tightest, nicest Perl I've ever written,
while retaining a design that could (and was) easily extended. It was
a bit of an experiment and I was astonished how well it paid off.

I'd be interested in others comments about Perl and OO, espcially
in light of Rosler's comments about complexity and performance.


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