[Vienna-pm] Emergency Social: peppe, Fr 19.04.2013

Aldo Calpini dada at perl.it
Mon Apr 15 06:12:41 PDT 2013

hello Vienna.pm,

we have a special guest in town: PEPPE, fellow Perl Monger, evil
mastermind behind the 2010 YAPC::Europe in Pisa, and international
Qt expert.

so I would like to organize an Emergency Social on Friday 19th.

I was thinking we could meet at the 7Stern Brau (http://www.7stern.at),
where beer is beer and wurst are wurst :-)

but given the current weather forecast, if someone has an outdoor
place to propose instead, it wouldn't be a bad idea.

@(pepl|daxim|domm): it's already "suggested" on meetup, for what it's



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