[Vienna-pm] call for cool one/few liners

Aldo Calpini dada at perl.it
Thu Sep 25 01:08:19 PDT 2008

Jozef Kutej wrote:
> Hi,
> does any one has a collection, is there anywhere a collection or even a single
> one example of short, nice and handy Perl scripts? The purpose is to make a
> collection on our site so that if the students hesitate if to give "that"
> workshop a try, they will get a good first impression. We can use some JAPH ...
> but I would prefer more practical thinks like CSV parsing, web pages scraping,
> task bar pop ups, ???.

there was a talk by Damian Conway, illustrating the scripts he keeps in 
his $HOME/bin. I vaguely remember they were nice, handy and simple.

the talk is titled "Inside ~damian/bin", but looks like the slides are 
not available on the net. too bad :-(


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