[Vienna-pm] TwinCity Perl Workshop: 101st (or 102nd+) Conference

Thomas Klausner domm at cpan.org
Thu Sep 11 03:55:44 PDT 2008


On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 12:47:47PM +0200, Michael Kröll wrote:
> Marcel Grünauer wrote:
> > Ich fürchte, ich hab versehentlich dafür gesorgt, daß der TwinCity Perl
> > Workshop seinen Status als "100th Conference" verliert...
> Dann halt "The formerly 100th conference" ;-)

09:22 <@BooK> domm: I'm sorry to say that some information was missing from my 
              conference file
09:22 <@BooK> The first Korean Perl Workshop took place in Seoul on 23 Aug 
              2008.  http://kldp.org/node/96854
09:24 <@domm> oh, but did we tell you that the first austrian perl workshop in 
              fact never happend?
09:31 <@BooK> really ?
09:31 <@BooK> that's why I couldn't find a url for it :)
09:31 <@domm> we just pulled the same trick as NASA in '69
09:32 <@BooK> there is still a beijing perl workshop planned for november... it 
              may happen before tcpw
09:32 <@BooK> which was? made a bunch of photos in studio N*
09:32 <@BooK> ?
09:33 <@domm> yes, but s/photos/use.perl journal entries/

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for(ref bless{},just'another'perl'hacker){s-:+-$"-g&&print$_.$/}

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