[tpm] This month's meeting

J. Bobby Lopez jbl at jbldata.com
Thu Jan 24 13:13:32 PST 2013

On 13-01-24 03:14 PM, Olaf Alders wrote:
>> 	• Making meetings more accessible to those who may not be able to be there physically.  Conf-call type setup with audio/video, and remote users providing input/feedback via some kind of messaging platform (twitter, email, irc)
>> 		• This may have been discussed several times in the past, but with the emerging popularity of telecommute, and our interest in nurturing new (often younger) developers, we may want to do more to get with the (social) times.
>> 		• Even if we can't come up with a solution for the next few meetings, a discussion still may be useful with an aim to have some new changes/improvements to how meetings are held going forward.  Tighter integration with the new TPM site is also be a possibility!
> I don't know what can be done here.  At the very least, we could project #tpm via the projector and let people participate remotely.  Combined with an audio feed (like a Skype conference call), that could potentially be pretty interesting.

Sounds like an interesting project.  The video feed of the group could 
be simple enough with a webcam + VLC (sound may be a challenge).  The 
desktop/projector sharing could be done via some kind of Webex or VNC 
technology.  I like the way webex does conferencing, with the 
public/private messages, the ability to raise your hand (to chime in 
verbally) and the ability to flag a comment as a question to the 
presenter/host, so that it doesn't get lost, for example, in a 
continuous discussion stream such as IRC.

Some of those features may not get much use in general, but I know I'd 
use it.  I like the thought of filtering out general banter from topic 
discussions, so that the discussion can flow uninterrupted, while still 
having an opportunity to participate in the general banter.

Twitter-style (140 character limit messages) communication could also 
work well, as it would allow questions/comments to be focused, and (IMO) 
prevent people from going too far off on a tangent.

(Again, just brainstorming here.)

>> Don't know if I'll be out this month, as my wife and I have a baby on the way (any day now... feel like I've been saying that for weeks), but just figured I'd help to further the discussion.
> Congratulations.  :)
> Olaf

Thanks Olaf, we are super excited (and anxious).   We're already 40 
weeks, so we just want it out already :)

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