[Tokyo.pm] Meet the monger in Tokyo

harada goichi goichi @ mb.kcom.ne.jp
2000年 10月 9日 (月) 09:44:05 CDT

Jose Gabriel J Marcelino wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm Gabriel, head monger for the Lisboa.pm Perl Mongers in Portugal.

Greetings Gabriel,
I am Goichi Harada, Member of Tokyo.pm.

We intended to hold a meeting on October 25.
But I think we will follow your schedule.
Is there a day which you hope for?

> ps - I would also appreciate pointers to nice places to see while I'm in Tokyo, 
> apart from the Akhiabara district :-) Thanks!

There is popularity in Tokyo DisneyLand.

Though it is a little far, Kamakura's great statue 
of Buddha may be interesting.

if you are full of the curiosity, An early morning 
commuters' train may be interesting.
It is a mere train, not nice, But *very* crowded.
A guest from the foreign country seems to receive impression.

Best regards.


Goichi Harada
E-mail  goichi @ mb.kcom.ne.jp

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