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|From: "Nyna C. DeBow" <nyna @ sri.net>
|Subject: Perl Journals
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|Hello again-
|Just a quick note to let you know that we are out of issues #4 and #18.
|For those of you that have already ordered, I have your issues set 
|aside...no worries.
|For those of you that have not ordered, these are the issues left:
|#14, 15, 16, 17 &19.
|( I have 1 issue of 18 left )
|If you are interested, all we ask is that you pay our shipping costs.
|E-mail me (nyna) with the number of issues that you want, and I will get back
|to you about shipping costs, etc...
|Thank you.
|Nyna C. DeBow	 <nyna @ smithrenaud.com>
|Assistant to brian d foy, CTO,    Smith Renaud, Inc.
|875 Avenue of the Americas, 2510, New York, NY  10001
|V: (212) 239-8985  F: (212)-239-1128

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