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|Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 13:43:23 -0500
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|From: "Nyna C. DeBow" <nyna @ sri.net>
|Subject: Perl Journals
|Sender: owner-groups @ lists.pm.org
|Hello Perl People-
|Once again we have back issues of the Perl Journal that we would like 
|to get off of our hands.
|To avoid confusion, we do not have copies of every issue.  The issues 
|that are available are:
|*Issue #4   -Winter '96	(Vol.1 No.4)
|*Issue #14 -Summer'99	(Vol.4 No.2)
|*Issue #15 -Fall '99		(Vol.4 No.3)
|*Issue #16 -Winter '99	(Vol.4 No.4)
|*Issue #17 -Spring '00	(Vol.5 No.1)
|*Issue #18 -Summer '00	(Vol.5 No.2)
|*Issue #19 -Fall '00		(Vol.5 No.3)
|If you would like copies of these issues, all you have to do is 
|e-mail me with how many issues you want, and the address that you 
|want it mailed to.  We do ask that you pay our postal costs.
|(In the US)
|The first 5 issues-$3.50
|Add $1 for each additional 5 issues
|(outside the US)
|I'll have to check
|E-mail me (nyna) with the issues that you want and I will get back to 
|you about availability, mailing costs, address, etc...   All checks 
|are to be made out to Perl Mongers.
|Thanks, and have a great day.
|Nyna C. DeBow	 <nyna @ smithrenaud.com>
|Assistant to brian d foy, CTO,    Smith Renaud, Inc.
|875 Avenue of the Americas, 2510, New York, NY  10001
|V: (212) 239-8985  F: (212)-239-1128
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