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Hi Simon,

Since you are scheduling YAPC Japan for December, I just wanted to give you
a heads up that the LISA 2000 conference is Dec. 3-8 in New Orleans, which
Dick is attending.


Lori Pike
Corporate Communications Director, ActiveState
Open Source Programming for the People
604.713.8433 phone / 604.808.6655 cell

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Subject: Re: YAPC::Japan Feelers

Hi Simon

Thank you for complement. I enjoyed TPC Japan and would be interested in
coming to yapc::Japan and speaking. I am very happy to see someone pick up
the ball on this.

ActiveState would be willing to supply some merchandise as part of a
promotional contest for the conference as well.

We would need to have:

1. a complete plan and commitment on how you and your group would be
getting a substantial number of people out to the event.

2. you have to promise to take me out for Japanese food :)

I would suggest you follow Kevin Lenzo's lead and see if you can get a
University or similar school to assist in providing housing and lecture
space to reduce costs. If you do not know Kevin, I can provide you with an
email introduction.

Let me know if there is more I can do in assisting you in getting this

-- Dick

At 06:53 PM 5/27/2000, you wrote:
>Hi Dick,
>     I'm working with the Tokyo Perl Mongers group to organise a YAPC here
>in Japan at the end of the year. Several of the mongers were extremely
>impressed with you when you came to speak at TPC Japan, (I wasn't here
>and thought you'd be an excellent choice for a keynote speaker this time
>     At the moment, we're very, very early in the planning stages, but
>looking at a 2-or-3-day event in December. This is going to be usual YAPC
>style - we can't pay your hotel bills or airfare, and we'd appreciate any
>other support ActiveState would like to offer us.
>     So, with that in mind, at this stage, would you be interested?
>Have you noticed the way people's intelligence capabilities decline
>sharply the minute they start waving guns around?
>                 -- Dr. Who

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