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2000年 6月 27日 (火) 22:03:54 CDT


In message "Re: [Tokyo.pm] 名刺デザイン投票"
at 2000/06/27 22:16:07, harada goichi wrote...


実は、U.S. O'Reilly との交渉は河村にやってもらっていました。とい
うことで、今回も河村より以下のメールを U.S. O'Reilly のデザイン 
担当者(Edie)に送ってもらいました。Edie より回答が来ましたら報

Hello Edie,
I hope you still remember this matter. :-)

Finally Perl Mongers Tokyo decided the final candidate 
of their logo design for business card.  As you previously 
instructed, we would like you to review it.  You can review 
them on:


Can you kindly take a look and get back to us?
Actually, this coming Friday is my last day of
O'Reilly, so if you need more time for approval,
please kindly get back to Yoichi.

Thanks a lot, Edie.


At 18:33 00/3/6 -0500, Edie Freedman wrote:
> At 4:32 AM -0500 3/6/00, Yumiko Kawamura wrote:
> >Hello Edie,
> >I hope you had wonderful vacation! :-)
> >
> >Sorry for coming back again.  I know you have a long to-do-list
> >right after your vacation....
> >
> >Anyway,  as I forwareded in my previous mail, it seems like
> >PerlMongers NY wouldn't want PerlMongers Tokyo to use their
> >logo so that PerlMongers Tokyo want to create their own.
> >
> >How should we deal with this request?   Personally my feeling is
> >it's OK for them to do so because PerlMongers Tokyo is namely
> >the official Perl community in Japan and using their logo with
> >camel would help promote us a lot.  And their wish of using
> >different logos for different purposes is their policy that we
> >can't argue.
> >
> Yumi-
> I have not heard from Brian. Please have your Japanese
> Perl Mongers send me a copy of what they'd like to do.
> I need to see it before we can approve it. Don't worry
> about it, I'm sure we can work something out. I know
> this is an important contact for you.
> Thanks.
> -Edie

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