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|From: "COGLEY,DAVID (Non-HP-Andover,ex1)" <david_cogley @ non.hp.com>
|To: "'maeda @ jus.or.jp'" <maeda @ jus.or.jp>
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|Subject: Perl/TK
|Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 12:09:38 -0700
|Please excuse me for bothering you again.
|Do you know of a patch for the Perl/TK module which would allow me to
|display Kanji?
|I found this old reference, but the ftp site is no longer active:
|    KOBAYASI Hiroaki <kobayasi @ sowa.is.uec.ac.jp> has
|    converted the Tcl/Tk "japanization" by <nisinaka @ sra.co.jp>
|    so that it may be used with perl/Tk. It is presently available
|    (the current README file is in Japanese) from the following
|    ftp site:
|    ftp://ftp.sowa.is.uec.ac.jp/pub/Lang/perl5/Tk/
|Nick Ing_Simmons, the author of Perl/TK, states that Perl/TK is only capable
|displaying single-byte fonts.  He plans to program Unicode displays once
|Perl 5.6 has 
|been improved for Unicode.
|Would you be willing to post this question (in Japanese) to your Tokyo Perl
|Thank you!

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