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2000年 2月 16日 (水) 00:11:59 CST



As you may know, an alternative to O'Reilly's `The Perl
Conference' was launched last year. Yet Another Perl
Conference (YAPC) 1999 took place in Carnegie Mellon
University (CMU) and around 500 people attended.

This year, we are expanding YAPC to be the `brand name'
of a series of similar conferences around the world:
low-cost, non-commercial, grass-roots (「草の根」?意味は、
それより技術的な提出など多い。) events with a relatively
low number of participants but emphasis on accessibility.

YAPC::America::North will be in CMU again, and
YAPC::Europe will take place in London this August.
A YAPC::Australia is being planned for next year.

Would there be any interest in setting up a YAPC::Japan
to run either late this year or early next year?
If so, how many people should we be thinking of
catering for, and can anyone suggest a good, cheap
location to hold it? The other events will all be taking
place at universities - would that also be possible in

YAPCs are organised by volunteers rather than by a central
organization, and so I would like your help if we want to
set this up. I suggest we discuss it on the Tokyo.PM list
for the time being; if it looks likely, I will set up a
mailing list on my computer.



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