[Tokyo.pm] Japan Perl Conference... かどうか?

scozens @ pwj.co.jp scozens @ pwj.co.jp
1999年 9月 9日 (木) 23:50:05 CDT


先日、Efnet の #perlで だれが今年 Japan Perl Conferenceと言うこと

も一度、英語で... I only subscribed to this list a couple of
days ago, so I'm sorry if this question's come up recently.
Someone on Efnet #perl the other day said that there's going to
be a Japan Perl Conference some time this year. Is this true?
(Knowing my luck, it's probably just finished)

カズンズ サイモン
perl -le 'print "@{[qw/Japanese And Perl Hacker/]}"'

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