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Atom Powers atom.powers at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 12:49:03 PST 2014

CasITConf (http://casitconf.org/casitconf14/) is offering a special
discount code for members of SPUG. Recieve a 10% discount on any
two-day registration before March 2nd. Use "CasIT14-Community".

CasITConf is a gathering of professionals from the diverse IT
(computer and network administration) community in the U.S. Pacific
Northwest and British Columbia. We gather in Seattle to learn from
each other, share ideas, and make new friends. Whether you are paid to
work with computers or just like to experiment with technology your
time is well spent at CasITConf.

Cascadia IT Conference 2014 will be held in Seattle at the Deca Hotel
on March 7th and 8th.  The conference has tutorials for everyone:
  * Google SRE by Caskey Dickson
  * Time Management by Tom Limoncelli
  * Puppet by Garrett Honeycutt
  * Windows Powershell and Configuration Mgmt by Steve Murawski
  * Windows Server Clustering by Steve Murawski
  * Go System Tools Programming by Chris 'Mac' McEniry
  * DNSSEC by Alan Clegg
  * Cisco ASA Security Appliance by Don R. Crawley
  * Practical Gamemaster by Adele Shakal
  * Editing with Vi by Mario Obejas

On Saturday, March 8th AEleen Frisch will lead off with the keynote
followed by talks on Flamegraphs, SSH, IPv6, Datacenters, Project
Management, and more.  Register today at


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