SPUG: What time tracking software do you use?

Ron Pero spug at magnadev.com
Mon May 6 15:48:38 PDT 2013

Here's a business question, which I hope is appropriate for this list since many of you are 
freelancers or track your time at work.

Can you recommend good time tracking and invoicing software?

I have several clients and have been using a small program to track my time, called TimeTrax. It 
only tracks time, and outputs reports, eg for a project/client over a date range. Then I manually 
enter tags for subprojects, and manually create invoices. Time to streamline this! Time to upgrade!

What do you use?

Do you use QuickBooks? A chat with QB suggests I would use QuickBooks Premier 2013 Professional 
Services Edition. The more basic versions don't have time tracking.

Am not sure I want QB open every moment I'm programming, just so I can track my time on it.

I'd like to not only select a client or project, but also a subproject or department. Of course a 
description of the work. Then automatic creation of invoices. If QuickBooks also enters the amount 
and client as a Receivable, great.

Do you have a vivid opinion about time tracking software?



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