SPUG: just found out I'm looking for work again

Chad Cassady chad.cassady at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 15:01:10 PST 2013

Yesterday morning I was let go from my position as a sysadmin at a local
startup. I was wondering if anybody knew of some open position coming up
that I should chase after.

You guys were incredibly supportive last time around (It was only last
summer I was looking for my first IT job). It was really a great experience.

I realize it's kinda sketchy that I lasted only 5 months at my first
sysadmin gig, but I've got references, several of whom will say my
departure was less than totally my fault (tactfully put). I haven't had too
much trouble telling the story to prospective employers and not getting
positive feedback. I've actually been looking for work for more than a
month, intending on leaving that job. I'll say no more.

Having been absent awhile: I was the guy who was just learning Perl and
wanted to learn C next, and was hoping to find a job. When I got one I quit
showing up for the meetings because I was working a lot.

I hear Marchex is looking for a sysadmin and I'm about to apply because the
view from the office is spectacular. Other than that, if anybody knows who
some good places to work in town are, let me know. Feeling a lot more
confident this time.

I'll be there in April with some code for you guys to look over. I was
almost done with a little thing using WWW::Mechanize::Firefox to automate
some tasks with their terrible API-less Rails app they called a ticketing
system. I'm sure my approach could have been cleaner, so that'll be nice to
get some experienced eyes on.

Thanks for everything,

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