SPUG: JOB: mod_perl redirect issue (Seattle)

SPUG Jobs jobs-noreply at seattleperl.org
Fri Dec 6 14:10:11 PST 2013

Sir or madam, I could use help solving a redirect behavior in a new 
install of an open source mod_perl online scheduling application I have 
been using for twelve years.

The application should default to the scheduling page but instead
it defaults to the log in page and all application links do so as well. 
Users cannot view the schedule or register to use it.

My current working version of this application 
http://app.finecuts.com/maneggio/index does not have this issue and all 
application links work prior to logging in.
I need the new instance of this scheduling app to behave like the the 
working version.

Should know mod_perl  and Apache
I expect this job will take less than a day.

Best regards,

Harry Pohlman | Fine Cuts | 1019 3rd Ave. | Seattle WA 98104 | tel: 206
250-9858 | email: harry at finecuts.com | web: www.finecuts.com

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