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Thu Apr 25 08:59:19 PDT 2013

Hello All.


Here at Shiftboard, we do Perl, (lots of it), and many other things too
including python/django, lisp, freeswitch, javascript, android, and iOS.

We too are looking for experienced engineers mid-level up to the highest
level of senior leadership.

At Shiftboard, engineers are at the top and developing our #1 product - Our
leadership is comprised of engineers.

We are a small company.  Not large company.

Shiftboard is profitable, debt-free, and growing quickly with an awesome
board of directors and great benefits, all around.

Shiftboard is NOT a publicly traded company and similarly, we are not
venture financed.

Particularly, on sunny days like today, we have awesome offices up here, at
the top of Smith Tower.

Our job description is posted below (and it includes Compensation info!!).


Check it out.  Come see us.

Send your info to:

    e n g i n e e r i n g {at} shiftboard [dot][com].


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