SPUG: self-study recommendations?

Thomas Sibley tsibley at cpan.org
Thu Sep 20 20:43:41 PDT 2012

On 09/19/2012 02:01 PM, Chad Cassady wrote:
> Perl is my first language, and I started learning it September 1st.

Welcome!  Perl is a great first language.

> My question is, where do I go after /Learning Perl/, and more
> importantly, at what point do I start telling prospective employers that
> I am competent with perl? I need a rubric. My current plan is just to go
> through /Intermediate Perl/ and then write something cool.

/Modern Perl/ is a very good suggestion from Noah.

Just a start at what to dig into next:

* CPAN: http://metacpan.org and http://search.cpan.org
* cpanm: using CPAN
* Moose: (post)modern object system

Does /Learning Perl/ cover objects?  If not, Intermediate should.  It's
certainly worth grokking classic (non-Moose) objects in Perl.

* http://www.perl.org/learn.html
* perlbrew: staying up to date with new Perl releases
* perldoc + Pod::Cpandoc for seamless reading of module doc you don't
have installed (yet!)

Hopefully that helps point you in the next direction a bit.  Scratching
an itch (aka writing something cool ;-) is often a good way to explore a
language and tends to find more motivation than, say, trolling the bug
tracker for random bugs to fix.


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