SPUG: self-study recommendations?

Chad Cassady chad.cassady at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 14:01:03 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

Had a lovely time at last night's meeting, the talk was informative and 
everybody was very nice to the new guy. There was also free cola and an 
excellent view.

I have a question:

Perl is my first language, and I started learning it September 1st. I'm 
working through the O'Reilly book /Learning Perl. /I just got done with 
Chapter 8, so I've (hopefully) learned the syntax of perl, how to work 
with loops and subroutines, hashes, arrays, and scalars, and some 
idioms/shortcuts. Chapters 7 and 8 were devoted to regular expressions. 
There's one more chapter playing with regexes, then some more control 
structures (some of which I've already dabbled with after cruising the 
documentation) and the rest seems to deal with having perl do things to 
the system - file, directory, and process operations (in conjunction 
with more pattern matching to make it more powerful).

My question is, where do I go after /Learning Perl/, and more 
importantly, at what point do I start telling prospective employers that 
I am competent with perl? I need a rubric. My current plan is just to go 
through /Intermediate Perl/ and then write something cool.

If anybody wants to look at my perl landing maneuvers and offer 
constructive criticism, I'm on github.com/beatboxchad. Don't go easy. 
I'm a quick study. No pain, no gain, right?


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