SPUG: Job Titles for Perl (and more) Programmers

Tyler Hardison tyler at seraph-net.net
Fri Oct 26 13:16:34 PDT 2012

So I'm trying to get a poll of what people's titles are. Particularly
if they're primarily working in Perl, SQL, Web, and engineering?

Even more helpful if you're forced to work in other languages such as
those out of the evil empire®.

Mainly I guess I'm trying to define what I do in an all encompassing title:

Linux SysAdmin (Only as needed for setting up dev environments)
Can compile Perl from scratch as needed.
Understands threads.
Uses Moose.
Can whip up a Dancer app front-ended by nginx for SSL.
Can debug a .NET app if I'm help at gunpoint.
Can take a spec from a customer and wow them.
Understands Agile.


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