SPUG: SPUG Meeting March 20 2012

Augustina Blair augustinablair at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 11:04:44 PDT 2012

Looks like it's another SPUG social! If anyone has a talk they would
like to do at the last minute, we can also do that! Otherwise it's
social SPUG! I'll update the calendar.

5p to 9p at the Tap House Bar and Grill, drop in anytime.

OK I'm going to be organized for the SPUG and actually plan ahead
(zomgz!). I've provided the list of topics we discussed at a recent
SPUG social below. If anyone would like to volunteer to give a talk on
a topic in that list for next month, let me know. If I don't hear
anything by March 30, then I will choose one of the lightning talk
topics. For the lightning talks, we'll have a laptop available so it
will just be a matter of coordinating slides or anything additional
(like a thumbdrive with whatever you want to share on it).

Here are the topics:
- What's wrong with Perl 6
- Mojolicious, Mojolicious vs Dancer
- Tools show and tell (Lightning talk)
- Contest
- Unit Testing
- Perl Open Source Projects we are working on or find interesting
(Lightning Talk)
- Favorite Perl Modules (Lightning talk)
- Least Favorite Perl Modules (lightning talk)
- Plack

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