SPUG: SPUG Meeting February 21 2012 - Taphouse 6:30-9pm - Big Data Drinkup Invasion

Augustina Blair augustinablair at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 13:51:19 PST 2012

Looks like the Big Data/NoSQL group is hosting an event at the Taphouse the
same time as our SPUG meeting. Last meeting we decided to move our Pre-Funk
to the Tap House so hey I guess this works out!

SPUG Pre-Funk - 5:00-6:30
SPUG Meeting - Overlap with Big Data Drinkup at 6:30 at the Tap House

Here are the details for the Big Data Drinkup, I will update the Google

   - Group: Big Data / NoSQL Seattle
   - Subject: The Big Data Drinkup has been rescheduled for Tuesday,
   February 21st

Fellow Data Geeks,

We've reserved a room downtown at the Tap House Grill for Tuesday, February
21st. If you've never been, the Tap House Grill has over 160 beers on tap.

RSVP Here:

Our friends at DataStax will be picking up the tab for a spread of
appetizers, so you can come straight from the office.

Whether you're interested in Big Data, Scalibility, Analytics, NoSQL, Data
Mining, Machine Learning, Hadoop, Cassandra, Riak, MongoDB, CouchDB,
Oracle, MySQL... come join us!

-Lynn Bender
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