SPUG: Looking for Contract Perl Trainers

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Mon Feb 6 10:53:44 PST 2012

Call for Perl Trainers

    Consultix is looking for a couple of Perl Trainers to teach
    several upcoming classes to employees of US companies, on a
    contractual (i.e., tax form 1099) basis.

About Consultix

    Consultix celebrated its 25th year in IT training last year along
    with the 5th anniversary of the release of Tim Maher's "Minimal
    Perl" book. Although the recent economic climate has been
    challenging for companies like ours that provide "non-essential"
    services, we're still alive and kicking--and currently looking for
    additional help!

Mission Details

    A few "physical" classes will require travel to major US
    locations (mostly Eastern time zone), but most classes will be
    broadcasted via Internet webconferencing facilities from the
    Trainer's location.

    Candidates wishing to restrict their involvement to "physical" or
    "virtual" classes are welcome to apply, but preference will be
    given to those who can handle both class types. We'll also give
    preference to Trainers in the Seattle area, so we can meet with
    them face-to-face as needed (anybody remember that ancient form
    of contact?).

    Although qualified applicants from anywhere will be considered,
    the webconferencing sessions will be geared to US work schedules,
    so trainers in far-flung regions might want to think twice about
    the fit of their lifestyles to these assignments (e.g., a 9am-1pm
    class session in Seattle runs from 5pm-9pm in London,
    10:30pm-2:30am in Mumbai, and 2am-6am in Tokyo).

    Presentation materials and an orientation to the Consultix way of
    teaching Perl will be provided (e.g., all classes are 50% hands-
    on; the "-n/-p" invocation options are generally worth using; the
    trailing "\n" on a print statement is the root of much evil; most
    programs should have curly braces around the "main" section to
    make "use strict" work the way people already believe it does).

    What we need from you is your demonstrable
    expertise in Perl programming and proven track record as an
    effective trainer.

    Interested? If so, email me relevant details of your background
    (including links as needed), list the weeks in Q1-Q2 during
    which you'll be available, and provide email addresses and phone
    numbers of references.

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