SPUG: IIS on Windows 7 caching code differently than previous version

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Thu Apr 19 12:02:48 PDT 2012

A buddy called me with a Perl question, but we reframed it as an IIS question.

He's used to using an undeclared, uninitialized global variable (yeah, he knows, but it's old code and he doesn't want to change it) for procedural (that is, not even any objects to maintain state) that gets incremented a couple of times with each call from a web page.  Different web pages call the same code, and they used to get an uninitialized value.  Now (with his recent installation of Windows 7), they remember the value from previous, unrelated web calls as though it's just one big shared global variable across all calls.

I don't know IIS, but vaguely remember that Apache has a way to compile code once and keep it in core for later use.  Apparently, until this recent install, he was getting behavior that recompiled the code on every call, and therefore started out the counter at undef (acting like 0).  Although it's more "clean" (for some definitions of clean) to do it differently, the sites he has are low volume, and not worth the effort to rewrite and re-debug the behavior across all the users of this module of code (not necessarily a capital-M Module).

A few questions:
 1. How to turn off code caching in IIS?
 2. What search term to use to learn about #1?
 3. What's the corresponding term in Apache to bootstrap an IIS search?
 4. If the described behavior seems to fit another diagnosis, what would that be?


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