SPUG: Django equivalent for Perl?

Kevin Esteb kesteb at wsipc.org
Wed Oct 5 15:17:06 PDT 2011

I have used Gantry in the past and the best thing is the Bigtop code generator. But after a well you move past what the code generator can do for you. When I did that, I wrote Scaffold, which is very loosely based on Gantry. It is available on the CPAN. I consider it "web based infrastructure", that is, I modeled it after what an OS does. Provide system services, that an application can use to interact with the end user.   

A companion application framework that I call XAS is used to interact with the end user. This is located at http://svn.kesteb.us/repos/XAS. It is a work in process. An application named Desktop is located at http://svn.kesteb.us/repos/Desktop, this is evolving continually and fleshes out the ExtJS 4.0 Desktop example to make it somewhat useful.

I have no idea how any of this compares to Django.

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Hi everyone,

At my current day job the house language is the-other-one-that-starts-
with-P-but-isn't-Perl and lately I have begun to learn Django.  It's pretty
cool (so far, anyway).

Nearly all of my non-day jobs use Perl, and a few of them could make good
use of a Django-like tool.  Are any of using (or have used) such a
Perl-based (or at least Perl-friendly) framework and what were your
experiences with it?  Recommendations?  Suggestions?

I've worked with Gantry in the past and found it to be more complex than I
think it needs to be.


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