SPUG: Meeting

Dave Olszewski cxreg at pobox.com
Wed Jan 19 10:46:30 PST 2011

On Tue, 18 Jan 2011, Colin Meyer wrote:

> Mike, Noah, Spuggers,
> Everyone who would like to is welcome to meet at Von's, as we did two months
> ago. We'll meet at, say, 6 to 6:30. Earliest folks there: please get one of
> the backrooms for our group.
> Dave will do some show `n' tell about talking to the Lacuna Expanse API from
> Perl, and anyone else with fun Perl or computery things should bring along
> their laptop for additional showintel.

For those who were there, the article I mentioned which talks about the
modules and technologies being used is at
and is a good jumping off point for a lot of those.  The Plack/PSGI and
Starman bit of the Lacuna technology stack can also be read about at

The game's URL is http://lacunaexpanse.com/ and if you'd like to give it
a try and be located in in space nearby those of us who are already
playing, you can use my referral link:


If you want to see what client code for a headless game looks like, the
open source web client is at
https://github.com/plainblack/Lacuna-Web-Client and the commonly used
Perl library for writing scripts, bots, and automation is at

Hopefully that covers everything :)  Ask if you have any other questions
about stuff I may have drunkenly mentioned but forgot to link to


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