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Tue Jan 11 17:06:17 PST 2011

Position: Senior Perl Developer

Location: Downtown Seattle

Job Description:

    Marchex is looking for a full-time Senior Perl Developer, a technologist
    with drive and initiative, to work with us to extend our new platform and
    add functionality that will continue to drive our product and Marchex to
    new heights.

About You:

    You like working with other gifted developers in an environment where you
    can be both teacher and student. You want the impact of your work to be
    visible and recognized by the President of a publicly traded company. You
    want to create new, ground breaking products rather than maintain legacy
    code. You want to spend your day working on challenging problems, learning
    new things, collaborating with your peers and mentoring others.

About Us:

    Pay-For-Call Exchange is one of the leading strategic initiatives for
    Marchex. We have achieved explosive growth since our inception last year
    and recently announced a major, exclusive partnership with Skype to power
    Click & Call Advertising. We created our platform from the ground-up on
    open source technologies using a Service-oriented Architecture. We utilize
    Perl, Java, Ruby, Oracle, Asterisk and Linux in an agile development

Duties and Responsibilities:

 -  Design, develop, maintain and troubleshoot complex software systems for
    new and existing products
 -  Analyze, propose, and develop solutions for advanced technical problems
    and issues
 -  Drive architectural and complex design efforts for projects, applications,
    and technical platforms
 -  Write maintainable, efficient, and well-documented code using engineering
    best practices
 -  Contribute and adhere to company-wide coding standards for enhancing code
    readability, supportability, and extensibility
 -  Create and maintain high-quality technical documentation for all relevant
    specifications, systems, and procedures
 -  Meet all development milestones and business objectives on schedule.
 -  Investigates and evaluates emerging technologies and provides advice on
    technical strategies and opportunities
 -  Participate in regular team-based code reviews; provide feedback and
    suggestions to other members of the development team, and incorporate
    ideas from members of the team into developed applications
 -  Provide mentoring and technical assistance to other team members
 -  May act as a team lead or lead developer for a software project if called
 -  Assist with project management tasks (e.g. scheduling, task and project
    estimation, status reports, etc.) as necessary
 -  Assist with recruiting and interviewing as needed
 -  Work in partnership with the Quality Assurance team to address and resolve
    functional product issues as identified during the QA process
 -  Collaborate with other Marchex employees and teams to ensure strong
    products and that all functional concerns are addressed
 -  Support the vision and values of the company and the team through role
    modeling and encouraging desired behaviors
 -  Present new ideas, technologies, or findings when opportunity arises in a
    brown-bag setting.
 -  Other projects, tasks, and initiatives as assigned

Experience, Skills and Qualifications:

 - Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field, or relevant work
 - At least 8+ years experience of software design and development, with
   fluency in Java, C#, C++, Ruby, Perl, or comparable programming language
 - Expert understanding of Object-oriented design practices
 - At least 5 years of experience implementing database-driven, web-based
   applications with Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, or comparable
   relational database
 - Demonstrated ability to design and implement large-scale, efficient
   high-availability back-end and/or front-end systems
 - Advanced understanding of - and practical experience with - various
   Software Development Life Cycles
 - Advanced knowledge of UNIX, Linux, or Windows
 - Advanced experience with source code management and version control systems
 - Demonstrated ability to write and maintain clear technical documentation
 - Demonstrated ability to interpret and develop applications from requirement
   documents, functional specifications, and/or technical specifications
 - Exceptional analytical skills (problem solving, debugging others/own code,
 - Exceptional attention to detail and commitment to quality
 - Desire to work in fast-paced team environment and meet tight deadlines
 - Ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment and rapidly changing
 - Ability to communicate professionally and effectively with technical and
   non-technical staff across the entire company, including product managers,
   business management, leads, and peers

If you are interested in applying please submit your resume to
recruiting at marchex.com with a resume attached.

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