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Thu Dec 8 12:49:47 PST 2011

Position: Senior Developer

W-2 vs. 1099: W-2

Duration: Full-time

Location: Downtown Seattle

Marchex is looking for a Senior Software Engineer, a technologist with
drive and initiative, to work with us to design, develop and extend new
and existing platforms.  Creating and adding products and features that
will drive Marchex to heights far above and beyond all competition.

About You:

You like working with other gifted developers in an environment where you
can be both teacher and student. You want the impact of your work to be
visible and recognized by your co-workers and the community. You want to
drive the quality program for ground-breaking products rather than babysit
dying ones. You want to spend your day working on challenging problems and
learning new things while working side-by-side with some of the best
talent in the Seattle area.

Duties and Responsibilities:

 - Design, develop, maintain and troubleshoot complex software systems
   for new and existing products
 - Analyze, propose, and develop solutions for advanced technical
   problems and issues
 - Write maintainable, efficient, well-documented, and verified code
   using engineering best practices
 - Meet all development milestones and business objectives on schedule
 - Investigates and evaluates emerging technologies and provides advice
   on technical strategies and opportunities
 - Participate in regular team-based code reviews; provide feedback and
   suggestions to other members of the development team, and incorporate
   ideas from members of the team into developed applications
 - Provide mentoring and technical assistance to other team members
 - Collaborate with other Marchex employees and teams to ensure strong
   products and that all functional concerns are addressed

Skills & Qualifications:

 - Natural leadership - equally skilled with defining a problem and
   delivering the solution
 - Software Development Engineer with 7+ years of work experience using
   open source technologies on UNIX; Perl preferred
 - Experienced with and passionate for agile methodologies
 - Proven ability to quickly learn new technologies

If you are interested in applying please submit your resume to
rcho at marchex.com with a resume attached.

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