SPUG: Need Help with PERL Script

Sanford Morton smorton at pobox.com
Thu Aug 4 17:42:52 PDT 2011

sendmail is a program, smtp is a protocol, and you'll probably have an
easier time if you can talk to a local demon like sendmail than a remote
server using a network communications protocol. But if you can't install a
mailer demon on your server, you won't have a choice.

Although I'm now out of touch with Perl, the main tools for talking smtp
used to be the Net::SMTP and especially Graham Barr's MailTools modules.
They're nicely discussed in Lincoln Stein's book, Network Programming with
Perl, although there are probably good tutorials on the web as well.
But regrettably, the mailer logic in your script will need to be radically
recoded with any change from sendamil to smtp..

Actually, I long ago (really long ago) wrote a script, web2mail,

which does what you're doing now, but since it also uses sendmail, it won't
be any help to you. It was fun reminiscing though.

Good luck,
Sanford Morton
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