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Wed Apr 13 09:23:34 PDT 2011


My company - I hired on with them as a FTE about a year ago - is looking 
to add a perl developer to its Seattle office. We are building a network 
appliance -  hardware and software -  which will greatly improve access 
times and throughput to data storage. My manager says we would prefer 
FTE, but will consider contract. Here's some bullets on what we're 
looking for:

    * Number 1 requirement is smart and self-motivated. We need someone
      who can take the ball and run with it, but isn't shy about asking
      for help when they run into a problem or something they are not
      familiar with.
    * Detail-oriented
    * Good problem solver
    * Willingness to learn
    * UNIX/Linux systems programming experience
    * Knowledge of Perl (preferred) or similar languages like Python and
    * Background in high-reliability, high-performance, and/or real-time
      systems (networking, telecommunications, storage, HPC, etc) is a plus
    * UNIX/Linux system administration experience is a plus

If you are interested and would like to apply, send me your resume and 
I'll pass it on. I'm not the hiring manager, just another perl hacker.

Mark Mertel
mmertel at dataram.com

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