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Tue Sep 28 09:52:01 PDT 2010

On Sep 27, 2010, at 2:43 PM, Colin Meyer wrote:
> I've made a facebook group for SPUGger social network dorks. Find it at:

Thanks Colin.

Back in July, I traded emails with Andy about a SPUG group for *LinkedIn*, bud didn't move it forward.  I was triggered by noticing that  there was Perl Monger (general) group as well as (sub-)groups for various mongerhoods (Boston, Israel, St Louis, Atlanta...).

Although I hate to duplicate the maintenance efforts by doubling the social networking sites, I've heard that some folks use LinkedIn as a *professional* site and Facebook as a *social* site.  Since SPUG is *both* social and professional -- unlike drinking-only mongerhoods (you know who you are) -- perhaps TMTOWTDI.

What do folks think about having a SPUG group on LinkedIn?


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