SPUG: Lawyers, oh my Re: JOB: LAMP developer, contract, telecommute

Fred Morris m3047 at m3047.net
Fri Sep 3 04:35:28 PDT 2010

100,000,000 row tables: The problem with putting your mouth around a fire hose 
is: how do you pull it out without the stream ripping off your face? 
(WARNING: People with bodies attached are not advised to try this in the 
first place.)

InnoDB.. wow, I thought I had problems with MyISAM. BTW, you do know that 
Oracle now owns much of your (future) database codebase?

3270... wow! Nah, I do (or rather I should say "have done") the old DEC stuff. 

Now... I have had some counterintuitive experiences with my current employer 
tuning InnoDB databases which are constantly trampled into the mud. As far as 
I know, I can share those publicly.

I feel for you, barrister Eagan. However technology changes (and with it the 
practitioners, driven as they are by the need to eat... silly meat puppets), 
and successful systems have a really nasty habit of outgrowing their success. 
There's plenty of lit about these phenomena.

A track about Really Large Databases and the Data Streams That Feed Them  
might get me to attend BarCampTacoma  

Just a thought...


Fred Morris

On Wednesday 01 September 2010 16:02, SPUG Jobs wrote:
> [...]
> Required Skill Sets:
> - Perl 5.x (CGI, DBI, daemons) Required
> - MySQL 5.0 (InnoDB tables, Foreign Keys, Backup, Repair, Optimization)
>   Required
> - Telnet 3270 (t3270 and x3270 scripting/scraping) Required
> - Linux Ubuntu (9.x, cron management) Desired
> - Apache 2.x (SSL, .htpasswd, CGI/Perl) Desired
> Contract/Perm:
> - Part-Time Contract Work (Side Project)
> Expected Duration and Pay Range:
> - Duration is ongoing Part-Time and Maintenance
> - Rate is negotiable with client (has office in downtown Seattle - Pioneer
>   Square)
> W-2 vs. 1099 status:
> 1099 Independent Contractor
>    Work involves maintaining and improving existing codebase on a
> series of Perl daemons and scripts which are started by crontab to
> search and categorize public records data. Database fell over after a
> couple years of applying band-aids to keep the DB running under severe
> loads and tables with nearly 100 million records. I'm the original
> developer, but a couple other developers have assisted in some of the
> development. Code is 100% in Perl, some components are simple scripts,
> some are daemons, some are Perl/CGI through Apache. Right now, more
> than anything, the database needs to be repaired or rebuilt if
> possible, knowledge of how to accomplish that is beyond my skills, I
> have been working as a Windows UI developer for 8+ years now,
> databases and LAMP skills are no longer in my skills inventory in any
> relevant way.
> [...]
> On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 4:57 PM, James C. Egan <james at eganattorney.com> 
> > Dear Seattle Perl Group and Tim
> >
> > Tim Partee is a programmer that has developed a database program I have 
> > apparently is corrupted. Apparently I need to find a LAMP developer to fix
> > an immediate problem. I do not know the lingo nor the specific problem, so
> > I hope my programmer Tim Partee and the Seattle Perl group can help post a
> > request for help shortly. I will pay for the fix, but would hope the Perl
> > group or potential programmer can speak directly with Tim (cc me on all) 
> > be vetted for the assignment. The most I know about it is:
> >
> > Restoring from the March backup is the best bet in my mind, I should be 
> > to do that relatively quickly. But it would forgo trying to repair the
> > current database and saving the data that MAY be recoverable from it. To 
> > that you need a database guru, which I am not. Also, considering my
> > availability lately and the fact that I now live 900 miles away, you may
> > want to consider finding a LAMP developer up there closer to home who can
> > help you out with this stuff instead of me.
> >
> > Tim, I don't know how to identify the following which the Perl group wants
> > for assignments:
> >
> > required skill-set (?)
> > contract or permanent position CONTRACT?
> > for contracts, expected duration and pay range (?)
> > directly with company? YES IF NEEDED
> > W-2 vs. 1099 status W-2
> > physical location : DOWNTOWN SEATTLE
> > telecommuting possible? YES OF COURSE
> > company's product or service RESEARCH OF PUBLIC DATABASES
> >
> > Please advise at convenience. The failure of the database is going to cost
> > us.
> > [...]

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