SPUG: Let's host a YAPC (Or at least talk about it)

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Wed Oct 20 12:54:19 PDT 2010

On Oct 19, 2010, at 2:02 PM, Jonathan Hogue wrote:

>> That is, with a lot of low- to medium-level commitments like yours, we could avoid the
>> huge-level commitments (punishments) heaped on those who stepped forward.  I'd like to
>> avoid the "punish the volunteer" anti-pattern in group dynamics.
> A permanent wiki with YAPC functions broken down would be pretty
> valuable in my opinion.

It's my intention to avoid "YAPC functions broken down"!  I want to avoid the burn-out anti-pattern.

To wit:
    CIO:  I'd like a list of productive coders broken down by sex.
    Scrum Master:  Uh.  I don't know that any of our developers are broken down by sex, but may of them do have issues with alcohol, caffeine and lack of exercise.

Your (intended) point is noted.  Chris wants to create a "YAPC Howto" in some form so that his knowledge/experience is reusable.  If he does, we'd be the first or second users of that packet.


P.S.  The folks who created InfoCamp have "Open Sourced" the idea, and have created a Wiki that encourages others to "Steal this idea!".  After 4 events with the original folks involved, they were very conscious of how to make it sustainable and repeatable, with a succession plan that allowed folks to ramp-up and ramp-down with their participation.

P.P.S.  An alternative to the YAPC::SPUG *conference* idea, I'd also thought about "Perl Camp", similar to FooCamp, BarCamp, or InfoCamp.  The difference?  The former is more like an inexpensive, less formal *conference*, the later is an *unconference*.  Thoughts?

> For example:
> "Take Reservations for Dorm Rooms" might include these pieces of advice.
> * Take reservations for whole rooms only. Taking reservations for
> individual beds is much more complicated. (And the ACT system doesn't
> support it very well.)
> * Remember that coed bathrooms in a dorm don't work. Place all the
> females on the same floor.
> In addition to allowing a bunch of people to take small chunks of
> work, we can get better at running conferences every year.

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