SPUG: Audience Participation for Devel::NYTProf

Augustina Blair augustinablair at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 11:01:08 PDT 2010

>From talking to different folks about Devel::NYTProf, it seems one of
the biggest obstacles to using it is understanding the output.  While
I'll have some different examples in my talk, I'd love to add an
audience participation element to the talk by encouraging anyone who
plans to come to the talk to profile some code and bring the output.

1. Install the module Devel::NYTProf (I used CPAN)
2. Run the following command: perl -d:NYTProf my-perl.pl
(This creates nytprof.out in the location you run your script)
3. Format output: nytprofhtml
(Run from the same location as the nytprof output. This creates an
nytprof directory in your current working directory.)
4. Copy the nytprof.out and the nytprof folder to a flash drive or
other USB compatible mode of storage
5. Bring it to SPUG!

For planning purposes, I'd appreciate an email letting me know if you
are going to share a profile.

In the spirit of Halloween, if you share a profile, you'll get a treat!


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