SPUG: calendar

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Mon Oct 11 12:42:09 PDT 2010

It has been pointed out to me that if you click on the "+ Google Calendar"
button below the embedded calendar (and you have a Google account), you
will be taken to your Google calendars and asked if you would like to
subscribe to the SPUG calendar (adding its content to your list of

On Fri, 8 Oct 2010, Andrew Sweger wrote:

> I put an experimental calendar on the front page of seattleperl.org. It's
> one of them Google calendars. If you want permission to edit events (SPUG
> meeting info, special events of high value to SPUGgers), ask me or Colin
> to add you.
> Is this calendar worthwhile or another wiki-spam train wreck waiting to
> happen?

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                                things can go wrong at once.

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