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Just a heads up. Sorry for late notice, didn't realize I forgot to CC people

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Hi all,

Next meetup for Eastside Hackers will be this Saturday, 6/12/2010.

Meetup: 6/12/2010
Location: Crossroads in Bellevue, near the Halfprice Books & Starbucks 
(NE 156th Ave & NE 10 St)
Time: 4:00-ish (I'll be there around then) till whenever (7ish?)
General info: Bring stuff to work on or just come to chat :).

Don't hesitate to email me or the EH email (eastsidehackers AT gmail DOT 
com). Website is http://eastsidehackers.org and twitter will have 
updates (http://twitter.com/eastsidehackers).


PS: If anyone has suggestions for venues for future meetings, please 
email me. Crossroads isn't perfect but will accommodate us seating-wise. 
The big issue is enough seats + wifi + plugs.

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