SPUG: two weeks to SPUG

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Tue Jun 1 17:06:53 PDT 2010

On Tue, 1 Jun 2010, C.J. Adams-Collier wrote:

> Anyway, I'm happy to blather for a little while about my experience
> working with one of the founders of dyndns.com to build a better
> web-based dns zone management editor.  If there's nothing better
> available.

No objections here. But let's hear from the rest of the gang.

But, C.J., how's your calendar look for Tuesday, 15 June 2010. That's two
weeks from today. Fourteen days. It's the *second* Tuesday of the month.
No client meetings? You won't be at YAPC::Russia or anything, right?
Sorry, I'm required to give you a hard time.

Andrew B. Sweger -- The great thing about multitasking is that several
                                things can go wrong at once.

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