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Fri Feb 19 14:29:25 PST 2010

Builder tools group @Amazon has an opening for 11 reqs when I looked.
In general, the  backend services are c++, java with perl/mason on the

There also a couple of new rails teams being built. They are still in
the early stages of forming and which means there is still time to
convince them with the merits of catalyst/moose.

If anything strikes you, let me know and I can help getting in contact
with the right recruiter / hiring manger.

#Interesting teams with open headcount.

*Build to Release (Polaris)
   "Our services handle more than 3,500 build requests resulting in
13,000 builds, and 10,000 deployments on a normal day and this keeps
on growing. We are working on utilizing the cloud computing
technologies in ways that will allow us to completely automate the
build and deployment process while we scale our systems to meet future
demand. To make this possible we need are looking for talented
developers interested in applying the latest technologies to the
toughest problems."

*Code to Commit (Poseidon)
Java, web services, Perl, revision control, continuous deployment

    "We own a system (Apollo) that helps software developers to easily
manage the full lifecycle of production software. We tackle the
complex aspects of software deployment, including versioning,
dependency checking, phased rollout, production deployment, and
automated validation testing. Our system is comprised of several
components ranging from a front-end UI with command-line tools to a
backend web service suite and workflow engine, written primarily in
Java, C++, and Perl/Mason. We have a ton of exciting work ahead of us
to build a continuous deployment workflow as well as to make it simple
to deploy applications to the cloud (EC2). If you're passionate about
the hard work of making complex software systems easy to manage, we're
looking for you! "

*Service Frameworks
   "Our projects has involved writing a high-performance socket
library, new fast protocols, and bytecode generation for faster
reflection. We have also  implemented QoS systems such as a
distributed throttling system, and a new load shedding library to help
services when they are overloaded."


jstaggen at amazon.com

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