SPUG: JOB: Perl, C# @ Farmers Insurance on Mercer Island

SPUG Jobs jobs-noreply at seattleperl.org
Wed Dec 15 10:18:04 PST 2010

We have a full-time job opening for a PC programmer that might interest
SPUG members.  The job is in the Systems Area of the actuarial department
of Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, on Mercer Island, WA.  Here
are the requirements:

 - Expertise with Perl, C#, and the MS .NET environment.
 - SAS experience desirable but not required.
 - SQL experience, preferably with MS SQL Server.
 - Strong analysis, design, and programming skills.
 - Ability to create documentation that meets predefined standards.
 - Willingness to participate in design and code reviews.
 - Good oral and written communication skills.
 - Bachelor's degree in math, computer science, or engineering.

This is a permanent position, with a salary in the range $61,800 -
$105,600, depending on qualifications and experience.  We do not offer
stock options, but we have a profit-sharing plan based on individual
performance and the company's financial results.  We are currently looking
for applicants directly rather than through a recruiter.  Telecommuting
might be possible, but only occasionally.

The Systems Area is a small sub-department within the actuarial department,
not connected to the Farmers IT department.  Our opening is for a PC
programmer to provide backup for the Perl programs we have created and to
write new programs in both Perl and C#.  We also use SAS for some systems.
Because most of the programs we create involve mathematical formulas, the
applicant should have a solid math background.

Interested and qualified applicants can submit their resume through
www.Farmers.com:  Select "Careers" (near the bottom of the page), then
"Corporate Careers" (on the left), then "WA-Mercer Island," and then press
"Search."  The job ID is #24186.

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