SPUG: TWiki.org is looking for contributors

Fred Morris m3047 at m3047.net
Thu Dec 2 12:25:25 PST 2010

I got a nice note last week from Peter Thoeny wanting to know if I had a 
little spare time at the moment to devote to some particular feature 
enhancements for TWiki, but I don't really. Thought I'd pass it on, in case 
there is anyone out there looking for an open source project to work on.

TWiki has been around for about a decade. It's written in Perl and runs great 
on Linux. :-D There's a GPL'ed version, plus since Peter and a core group 
have written most of the core code there is a bundled version licensed and 
supported as twiki.net. (There is also a fork of the codebase at 

This is probably a good starting page if you're at all interested.


I can answer some questions, I have made some small enhancements/fixes in the 
past. Bear in mind though that I'm only reading my personal e-mail a few 
times a week.


Fred Morris

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