SPUG: How do *you* install multiple versions of Perl?

Meryll Larkin alwanza at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 11:21:00 PDT 2010

I have never installed more than 2 versions of Perl.  I think it would be too confusing for me UNLESS testing with multiple Perl versions was the assignment I was focusing on.

I agree with making the INSTALL paths as different as possible - 
/opt/  or /opt/bin/ if it is available is good for the "second Perl".

In my case, the "first Perl" came from my distro and was installed with all the default settings.

BUT I also like to make symbolic links with names I can recognize:

ln -s   /usr/bin/perl_5.12    /opt/bin/perl_5.12
ln -s   /usr/bin/perl_5.08    /usr/local/perl

Then I can control which I am using with $PATH  (env variable)
And verify which I am using with 
shell command:     which   (on bash)
or shell command:      type   (on ksh)


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