SPUG: Best practice? DBI connection parameters *not* in Perl code

Skylos skylos at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 10:53:01 PDT 2010

I'm not entirely sure if its best practice, but my feeling is that I would
prefer a config file because its a more obvious artifact that can be
deployed with the application.  As for format, YAML of course.  And here's a
module especial for that.



On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 10:45 AM, Michael R. Wolf <MichaelRWolf at att.net>wrote:

> As some DBI-based code is being ported to other machines, I'm having to
> pass command-line parameters to too many administrative and test programs.
>  I'd like to change this *once* external to *all* programs and have it apply
> to them all.  This will have the added benefit of articulating a cleaner
> differentiation between environments (development, test, production).
> What's more popular to do this?
>  - environment variables
>  - config file
> In code, and in *theory*, it's a trivial difference...
>    $db_user = $ENV{db_user} || 'root';
>        versus
>    $db_user = $some_config_ref->get_attribute('db_user') || 'root';
> I'm more interested in how this works in *practice*.  That is, when
> fielded, which seems to be groked by more end users?  And if the answer is
> 'config', which of the 2 score and twenty config modules seems to be groked
> by more end users?
> Thanks,
> Michael
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