SPUG: Come Invade the Seattle Python Interest Group Meeting with Ingy

Ingy dot Net ingy at ingy.net
Tue Apr 6 21:10:15 PDT 2010

Hey Spugsters!

Guess what? I'm giving my first Python talk on Thursday night at the UW!
Crazy eh? But totally true. I've even written a couple Python modules.

Think Ingy has flipped?? Think again. I'm a Monger, yo! But I'm also an
Acmeist. Here's the deal...

I'm working on a new programming language called C'Dent. I got version 0.1
working last night. C'Dent lets you write modules in one language (like Perl
or Python) and use them in a dozen others. If you want to try it, you can
get C'Dent here: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/cdent/ and use it to compile a
Python module to Perl 6!! (And half a dozen others...)

Yes, I wrote it in Python, but that's just because Python has the best YAML
support. ;)

Anyway, I want you guys to come because they told me to only expect 5 or so
attendees. Let's show these seapigs how we roll!!!!

The info is here: http://www.seapig.org/

Hope to see y'all there.

Love, Ingy
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