SPUG: Looking for local community Perl project

Jos jos77 at bantychicken.com
Wed Sep 16 16:39:34 PDT 2009

Yes. We have it running for the development project site at
http://www.web-app.org/cgi-bin/index.cgi . We're currently working on v1.0.
The bugs noticed by the public are posted in the bugs forum that is visible
to the public. There are private forums where the current TO-DOs and bugs
noticed by developers are posted. Anyone wanting to join the development
team may do so by signing up for the site and then sending me an email to
let me know so the status can be set so as to access the private forums
and/or the CVS as needed.

We do have a Savannah project extension set up as well but haven't yet made
full use of all its features. I would like to see us use the bug tracking
and feature planning systems there. Customarily we have used the forums.

It's a great system with a lot of features and a community with a lot of
members with ideas. We haven't traditionally had a lot of active coders all
on the project at any given time but continue to hold hopes of that
improving as we bring the core code more up to a standard that more educated
Perl programmers can take seriously. Over the years there have been quite a
few contributors, however. There is a lot more to do in the way of improving
the script and probably always will be as the community tends to be more
interested in adding features than in improving the important things that
can't be seen.


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> Thanks.  Is there a backlog of issues/features/bugs to work from?  A place 
> to go looking around to get a feel for it?
> -- 
> Michael R. Wolf

> On Sep 16, 2009, at 3:07 PM, Jos wrote:
>> How about WebAPP Automated Perl Portal? We're worldwide but I own  the 
>> domain and manage the project. I'm local Pierce County.
>> Jos

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> Someone who recently took my Perl class wants to get plugged into an  Open 
> Source project, preferably Perl, preferably local.  Although he's  new to 
> Perl, he got good SW skills in other languages, so he's not a  "rank 
> newbie" on the coding side.
> Suggestions?
> -- 
> Michael R. Wolf

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