SPUG: Huh, well, to be honest...

Skylos skylos at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 23:29:28 PDT 2009

Troll?  Not so much.

I really do want to be part of a perl user group.  My former coworker Lowell
used to be part of the perl user group down in phoenix and told me alot
about it, some good stuff going on.  We had alot of fun programming an
application within DBIx::Class, mod_perl, CGI::Application and
HTML::Template.   Further, I think perl is the most awesome language - I
want to do what I can to promote perl and help it move to the next level
with version six.

That and I like hanging with geeks who know what I do.  Its kind of lonely
being the programmer who knows perl in a place like Amazon.  :P

But I'm not the moderator.  I can see in the archives that the list hasn't
been very active - seemed to be more postings about professional conventions
that may or may not be closely related to perl.  So maybe its not all that
any more and the heyday was back in 2003.  Your call, Moderator.


"If only I could get rid of hunger by rubbing my belly" - Diogenes
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