SPUG: Fwd: ISO location for perl/data center

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Sun Nov 22 17:49:14 PST 2009

This message from Uri is kinda interesting. If you're excited about the
idea of putting together a local development team and operating some
hosting services, you might want to get in touch with Uri. There certainly
is a rich Perl talent pool here.


hello mongers,

i have a client who has asked me an interesting question. they are in
the discussion phase of opening a second data center for their hosting
business. they are would like it to be west of the mississippi in the US
but not california (too expensive) and east of there may work too. they
are seeking a location where they could hire a small (maybe 3-6) staff
of perl developers, but the number could grow over time. i am helping
them with this search which is why i am bringing it to the pm
groups. email me back if you think your area is a good fit for their
needs. it should have an active perl community with hackers seeking work
and decent rent and expenses for a data center. i already mentioned
portland OR and boston. another area that works is seattle. what about
your monger group's location? email me at uri at perlhunter.com with info
about your perl monger group and such.



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